Yousouf Boukra

Degree: BSc Automotive Engineering

Project title: Tumble-Flow Development through Port Geometry Optimisation and the Influence of Turbulence on GDI Engines Efficiency and Emissions.

Project Overview

In the current project, a 1.6 Ford Ecoboost intake-port has been investigated, throughout the application of reverse engineering tools, CAE design, and CFD simulation, aided by experimental validation and theoretical work. Both Solid and Surface modelling techniques were utilised during the design procedure. Six ‘K-ϵ’ turbulence models were applied to simulate the flow-charge during the validation process, of which, ‘Realisable K-ϵ enhanced wall’ was the most accurate in term of mass-flow-rate and in-cylinder turbulence prediction (98.55% accurate). The study aimed to analyse the influence of port geometry on the tumble-motion and introduced a new optimised design, where the results revealed, 7.72% and 17.8% increase in TI and TKE, respectively.

Why did you choose this course?

I was particularly interested to complete an automotive engineering course, due to my passion and ambition, to enhance my knowledge with regards to vehicle performance in general, and powertrain development specifically

Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

I have always been interested in joining UWTSD, as I am massively driven on the quality of courses, and the automotive workshops offered by the university.

What are your future plans?

My aim is to further advance my knowledge, learn, and develop alongside experts in powertrain optimisation and engine development.


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