Sion Evans

Degree: BEng Energy and Environmental Engineering

Project title: Investigating the Wind Flow around Urban Residential Buildings & Evaluating the effect of Wind Direction on Optimum Turbine Configuration, Using CFD

Project Overview

The aim of my project was to determine the optimum configuration of a roof-mounted wind turbine, followed by determining the feasibility of such projects on a large scale. It was found that the wind characteristics over an array of pitched roofs includes high turbulence intensity and low stream wise wind velocity. Additionally, the direction of the incident wind significantly influenced the magnitude of turbulence and wind speed along with other factors such as hub height, local objects and terrain. It was concluded that at this stage of turbine technology, installing such turbines on a large scale would not be feasible and more success would be found using flat or domed roofs and stand alone buildings.

Why did you choose this course?

I have always been engaged and been passionate about scientific subject throughout my school years. Biology and physics were my favourite subjects so the natural choice was choosing energy and environmental engineering.

Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

Their course matched my interests and the fields in which I want to work in post university.
What are your future plans?

The goal is to work within the energy and sustainability industry. Whether this is through design or consultation, my passion is to apply myself and my skills towards providing solution to issues such as land contamination And green house gas emissions. Additionally, I aim to complete a masters degree in a relative subject and become a chartered engineer.

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