Richard Davies

Degree: BSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Project title: Reducing teacher stress by improving pupil wellbeing

Stress associated with teaching is a major health concern that the country faces and while it has many contributing causes, one of the major factors is child behaviour. This pupil poor behaviour can be caused by either the pupil have low wellbeing or by simply not knowing any better.

This application will give young people the tools necessary to improve their mental wellbeing which will improve their behaviour. This improved behaviour will remove that cause of stress from teachers.

With thanks to a case study school, teacher and pupils; this application is designed and built with the help of young people to be used by young people. A Restorative Practice coordinator was present to ensure the information and advice in the application correct and within school policy.

While these pupils and teacher said that this application would be useful and a good tool to have, the Covid-19 lockdown halted development at the testing stage.

The only thing left to do for this project is implementation into the schools system and testing in a real world environment under the close supervision of the Restorative Practice team. 


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