Natasha Rose Dodds

Degree: BSc Environmental Conservation

Project title: The Reactivation of Fashion Waste

The fashion and textile industry for too long has been responsible for a large proportion of the annual global carbon budget, and is responsible for 20% of global water pollution. Estimates from Wrap that a small increase in the second-hand clothing market could provide a 4% water and 3% co2 emission saving per tonne for every garment, when increasing its lifespan by 50%. This study considered firstly whether there were in fact garments hoarded in general public’s wardrobe, currently fashion waste that could be reactivated and enjoyed by someone else, and if so, what sort of proportion might be available for reactivation, how long could we reactivate them and whether these sustainable methods could provide the same psychogenic need for ‘enclothed cognition’.

Video: Studying Environmental Conservation at UWTSD

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