Michael Anderson

Degree: BEng Automotive Engineering

Project title: The Automated Control Of an R/C Car Using Raspberry Pi & MATLAB

Project Overview

By using MATLAB code to perceive the surroundings of the vehicle using various sensors and then processing this information, accurate control could be applied to the steering and driveline of the vehicle through the wireless connection to the Raspberry Pi. Then with the aid of lane detection and distance measurement, a potential collision could be avoided.

Why did you choose this course?

I have an interest in all vehicles both on and off the road. But one day I hope to be able help create new technology that revolutionise the automotive industry.

Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

UWTSD has established great contacts within the industry that could propel anyone into a journey that will prosper into a successful career

What are your future plans?

I have not decided on anything specific but more thoughts will be processed after successfully completing the Master’s, which starts in September.

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