Lloyd Davies

Degree: BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Project title: Investigation into the use of PLCs for data logging applications in an industrial environment

The project details the design and analysis of a PLC data logger intended to record the climate of an industrial clean room. The factory floor has two zones which are kept at different levels of temperature humidity and Particle size/concentration. A literature review was carried out in an attempt to gain some background knowledge on logging, PLCs and Clean rooms.

The initial design was carried out with no set budget to show the capabilities of the system if money was not an issue. This build was far to expensive for me to fund as a student so an alternative design was built using affordable components whilst maintaining most of the systems functions. 

To control and monitor the System a Human machine interface was incorporated. Data can be logged using two methods, via the webserver, or via the HMIs USB port. 

The system was configured in a classroom style simulation board compact enough for a desk. 

Data was then collected for an analysis of performance, along with a direct comparison to the specifications the design in the project against an existing data logger already on the market (datataker dt85).

The comparison showed how the design fulfilled the system requirements and came in over £1000 cheaper than the when performing the same task. 


Poster Board

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