Joshua Ford

Degree: BSc Computing (Web Development)

Project title: Usability testing of a single page application using React

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The project consisted of investigating single page applications. Firstly, it involved researching single page applications: what they are, how they work and what they involve. Then, usability was considered and different techniques involved for investigating the usability of a website were applied.

A usability testing method was chosen for investigating an existing website to find out where the usability was good or not good. The existing website used was the website ‘’.

After using the system usability scale method to test the usability, the findings were used to create a set of requirements for a website that I would implement. This was so that the issues found in the existing website would not be included in the implemented website.

After creating the requirements, my website was created using React, the JavaScript framework. This was used to create the website as well as the single page application aspect of the website because of its features. The data for the books were stored in a SQL server database. The data was then displayed on the website from the database using a express rest API. This was done by creating a get request based on the category. When the user selected a category, the website would display the books with the category that was chosen.

When the website was complete, it was tested for its usability. This was done by using a method called a cognitive walk through. This was to test its usability by walking through tasks that users would take when using the website, such as finding books. This would help to determine if the usability had been improved. After testing the implemented website, it was found that the usability had been improved due to the methods used.

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