David Migliorati N’Doua

Degree: BEng Motorcycle Engineering

Project title: Design, Simulation and Prototyping of a Variable Intake System for the Yamaha WR 250F

Project Overview

The project consisted of designing, simulating, and prototyping a variable intake airbox for the Yamaha WR/YZ 250F. The new airbox design was based on a Ricardo Wave engine model, designed with SolidWorks, and simulated with CFD. An intake length scientific model was built using Microsoft Excel, combining the results acquired as well with real engine performance the optimum trumpet lengths were finalized. The variable intake system actuation system was precisely designed developing a gear and servo position calculator based on the intake length scientific model previously developed. The airbox was finally prototyped by 3D printing.

Why did you choose this course?

Passion for motorcycles, engineering and design

Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

Very specific course, great balance between technical/practical and theoretical aspects

What are your future plans?

Finding a job in the Motorcycle industry


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