Daniel Newman

Daniel Newman

Degree: BSc Computing (Web Development)

Project title: What are the benefits of microservices and how do they compare to other serverless architectures?

Email: danielrhysnewman@gmail.com

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Microservices are a form of serverless architecture where functions of code are stored in a server and can be accessed by an application. This uses very little server space, and where many businesses are currently paying for multiple servers up front they could be paying for more servers than they need. Serverless computing only charges for the processing time that the servers use.

Microservices are very helpful to many businesses such as Amazon as when unexpected traffic to their webpages arrive the servers will automatically scale up their usage. In contrast when website traffic is low they will only use and pay for the processing power of the servers instead of paying for servers that are out of use.

Microservices are quick, simple and allow developers to separate their tasks into smaller functions and allow them to simplify the development process as a result.

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