Cornelius May

Degree: BEng Motorsport Engineering

Project title: Developing and comparing a range of simulation methods to predict the handling balance of the MCR Race Car

Project Overview

Considering the similarity of the vehicles on track and the extent to which modifications are restricted by regulations, a vehicles suspension set-up is often considered the make or break of a team’s racing season. More efficient uses of time and money are always of interest. Teams, such as UWTSD’s MSportEng, need quick and reliable ways to test and validate their suspension setup. The aims of the project included creating and evaluating a Simulation model before comparing simulations created across a range of software options. This would give the team access to a simulation for evaluating setup and potential component changes, as well as ensuring the best software for the team’s uses is chosen. The investigation showed the strengths and weaknesses of the simulation packages used, highlighting model should be used in individual use-cases.


Why did you choose this course?

A degree in Motorsport Engineering was the best option for reaching my ambitions of becoming a mechanical engineer in the automotive and Motorsport industries.


Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

I determined that UWTSD was the best university offering a course in Motorsport Engineering. The value placed on practical skills and applications as a teaching tool, aligned with my own skills, interests and favoured learning methods. Furthermore, the class sizes meant that lots of one to one contact time with lecturers would be possible.


What are your future plans?

I am looking forward to a career in vehicle dynamics, possibly continuing down the multi-body simulation route of my dissertation, in both the automotive and Motorsport industries.


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