Callum-James Hill

Degree: BEng Motorsport Engineering

Project title: Valve-Train Investigation and Comparative Analysis of Two High-Performance Single Cylinder Engines

Project Overview

Investigation and comparative analysis of the valve trains of two different high-speed, single cylinder, 250CC, naturally aspirated engines, which are used within different areas of Motorsport. The first being from a 2014 KTM Moto3 RC250R which competed in the 2019 BSB MotoStar championship and the second coming from a GYTR cylinder head from a 2017 Yamaha YZ250F competing in the FIA World Enduro Championship. Calculations were made to determine the characteristics of both valve trains. Then, a friction model of the valve-trains was completed and compared to one another. Finally, both valve-trains were modelled with the use of the SolidWorks software package and studied with a FEA simulation


Why did you choose this course?

I have always had a passion to understand the working of things, and from a young age have always taken things apart to see what makes them tick. Also, I have a passion for Motorsport, therefore believed the BEng Motorsport Engineering was tailored for myself.


Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

The reputation for Motorsport at UWTSD with it’s facilities and opportunities, is something that stood out to me, especially now with the new state of the art campus and workshops.

What are your future plans?

I plan on continuing with education, and providing I attain the correct grade will be studying the Motorsport Engineering MSc. Finally, after the masters my aspiration will be to work within powertrain but I am undecided as of yet in which specific area I would like to pursue.


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