Max Hart

Degree: BEng Automotive Engineering

Project title: Development of a Vehicle Setup Characterisation Model for the MCR Sports 2000 Race Car

Project Overview

I developed a Simulink model to characterise how different vehicle setups effect handling and balance; analysing dynamic tyre behaviour, spring/ARB rates, dampers and many other parameters. The model showed expected handling trends when changing setups, and was proven to be useful in a trackside situation to develop setup throughout a race event.


Why did you choose this course?

I like cars, I like engineering – it ticks all the boxes!


Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

Great mix of practical and academic work, fantastic campus and facilities


What are your future plans?

Work in an ever changing field of engineering that really appeals to my interests and hobbies as well as providing a challenge, and hopefully paying me some money for it….


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