Matthew Lewington

Degree: BSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Project title: Developing a Smart Automated Medication Dispenser to Assist Patients with Cognitive and/or Motor Impairment

There are several diseases and conditions that can cause impairment of a person’s cognitive and/or motor abilities potentially impacting their quality of life and taking away some aspects of their independence. One key area to help alleviate the symptoms of these conditions is a medication schedule that needs to be adhered to. Combining the possible burden of these conditions with an active medication schedule can sometimes be difficult as shown in the literature review of this project, and a way to assist a person with adhering to their medication schedule is proven to help combat these conditions. 

A prototype for an automated smart medication dispenser has been developed utilising the “Internet of Things” with associated technologies to program the prototype. This was then tested from a functionality perspective, by testing over a seven-day period, and provided a 100% success rate in generating the appropriate alarms to show when the user should take their medication, and also being tested via in-house usability evaluation and being successfully evaluated as fit for purpose. 


Poster board

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