Matthew Cooze

Matthew Cooze

Degree: BSc Computing

Project title: A study of the use of networks to automate and increase building security

This project investigates the building of automation security systems (B.A.S.S) and their effects on security. This project is about testing and estimating their impact on buildings. 

The aim of the experiment was to determine the effects of security automation on increasing security in buildings.

The objectives were:

  •  To research the basics of B.A.S and the world wide web, study crime statistics from around the UK, then learn how to develop a sensor network on Cisco packet tracer. 
  •  To simulate the sensor network on Cisco packet tracer and run test.
  • To take results from simulations and compare and contrast the effects they will have on reducing crime and increasing security in buildings.

The summarised conclusion of the research undertaken was that security is increased if the B.A.S.S is installed in the correct locations/ buildings and decreased if installed in the wrong locations/ buildings.



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