Mateusz Morga

Degree: BSc Environmental Conservation

Project title: Evaluating the Use of Statistical and GIS software as Modelling Tools for Analysis of Soil Samples

Hi, my name is Matt, and I moved to Wales a few years ago. I have chosen to study Environmental Conservation at UWTSD Swansea to be able to make the REAL CHANGE through working in Wales while contributing to the beautiful nature that we all enjoy so much here in Wales and which is an integral part of our every-day life.

The highpoint of my studies at UWTSD is the commitment of UWTSD staff and practically one-to-one lecturing style that is a trademark of this university. It is so unique and rare in modern higher education! It allowed me to utilise my hidden potential and develop essential professional/academic skills to the maximum of my ability.

I have recently finished the three years BSc course including my dissertation concerning improvements of the soil chemistry of Welsh post-mining regions, and I am going to continue the scientific path by joining the postgraduates (MSc) studies at UWTSD.

Through my studies at UWTSD, I was inspired to become a professional scientist. I want to take responsibility for our precious environment in my own hands and to be able to MAKE the REAL CHANGE!

Environmental Conservation at UWTSD

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