Liam Standing

Degree: BSc Automotive Engineering

Project title: Alternative Power for Auxiliary Systems within a Drive Cycle Simulation

Project Overview

My project focused on reducing loading of the Air Conditioning system on the engine via implementing a alternative supply using Kinetic Energy Recovery. After conducting a series of tests on Audi engine and constructing a simulation of the Worldwide harmonized light vehicle test procedure (WLTP), an estimation of fuel usage was calculated for the vehicle specified while AC was ON and OFF. From research a alternative system was created and used in the simulation to produce data to compare to the original vehicle. Results of the original vehicle in the simulation were compared with New European Drive Cycle (NEDC) data and found to be highly accurate. The same original data was compared to the alternative vehicle data and found a possible savings of around 48.7% using a KERS system.

Why did you choose this course?

STEM subjects always interested me and after finishing A-levels I wanted to pursue further education in one of them. I had practical background in engineering as a mechanic and also completing a Level 3 BTEC in Vehicle Technology gave me some knowledge. Combining these meant Automotive engineering seem like a reasonable choice and one that i’m proud to have made. It has improved my understanding of the subject, fuelled my enthusiasm and provided me with a good groundwork to progress my career.

What are your future plans?

My plans are to pursue a job within my degree area after graduation with willingness and ambition to continue to learn and develop new skills. This includes learning more about engine management and ECUs Specifically the engine mapping and coding as of currently in my own time.


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