Liam Salter

Degree: BSc Computing (Web Development)

Project title: Development of a web-based PC specification recommendation tool by benchmarking hardware of varying power levels.

In the project, a web-based PC specification recommendation tool was created by constructing the front-end design and back-end code with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Data was gathered by benchmarking various computers with varying types of hardware to gather a wide range of results. These benchmarks were conducted multiple times to ensure validity of the results. The benchmarks were conducted using a variety of software such as 3DMark, Cinebench R20, ATTO Disk Benchmark etc. These results were stored in a phpMyAdmin database which is connected to the web page and will subsequently be displayed on the web page. 

Ultimately, the tool allows users to choose types of hardware (of varying levels) from dropdown sections and then these choices will be gathered from the database, and the result will be displayed to the user. 


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