Jonathan Davies

Degree: BSc Computing (Games Development)

Project title: Investigating the Distance-to-Origin Method as a means to Bypass the Effects of Lossy Compression on Steganographic Images

The project looked at various methods that could be used to embed secret information into an image, compress said image using lossy compression, and finally extract the secret information.  The method used was the Distance-to-Origin method, a relativity niche technique that boasts a 30% retrieval rate of data after JPEG compression.

 To test this technique, software was created that could perform the algorithm, as well as the more well known Least Significant Bit method for retrieval rate comparison.  The program was created in an Object Oriented manner with modularity and extensibility at the forefront of design.  The user could operate the software in two distinct modes, ‘Manual’ and ‘Automatic’.  The Manual mode presents the user with a menu system with which they can traverse all features of the program step-by-step.  The Automatic setting allows thousands of tests to be done automatically using key information laid out by the user.

The results showed that the Distance-to-Origin method could indeed be used to embed and retrieve secret messages from an image.  Not only this, but by modifying the original algorithm, more data could be extracted at even higher levels of compression. 



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