Ifan Hopkins

Degree: BEng Motorsport Engineering

Project title: MCR Front Upright Development

Project Overview

This project aimed to improve performance of the MSport Eng race team’s MCR car, by reducing mass through the development of the front suspension upright. The objective was to be able to manufacture the new upright design in-house. A target of 0.60kg weight saving was proposed, whilst maintaining or improving each suspension attachment points stiffness. FEA studies were performed on the original upright to identify areas of the design which could be improved. Topology optimization was used to generate potential designs which would inform the new upright design. Eight alternative designs were developed, each being lighter than the original upright design. The design chosen achieved a weight saving of approximately 0.59kg (23.4%) compared to the original upright, achieving the target saving. Most of the suspension attachment points had higher stiffness than the original upright, however, the upper and lower wishbone and steering arm were slightly less rigid in certain directions. The new upright design was a simple geometry that could be easily manufactured at the university using the 3-axis CNC milling machine.

Why did you choose this course?

I chose this course as I am passionate about engineering. I enjoy Maths and Physics, and wanted to combine this with a practical application. My love of engineering evolved from an instinct to dismantle and reassemble toys from a young age, in order to decipher how they worked. The assemblage of single inoperative components transforming into vital pieces of a functioning system first fascinated me and continues to today. I chose this course as I am passionate about Motorsport and aspire to work in this industry.

Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

I chose to study at UWTSD as I had a great impression during the open day. I liked how lecturer halls were not filled with hundreds of students, and how the engineering course was focused at Motorsport.

What are your future plans?

I aspire to work in the automotive or Motorsport industry as a vehicle dynamics engineer or a structural engineer.

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