Callum Jones

Degree: BSc Computing (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity)

Project title: Teaching networking with an Arduino

For my project, I chose to do teaching networking with an Arduino. This project involved me coding an Arduino to visually represent a network connection, creating lesson materials based on research and the knowledge I have learnt from my course, acquiring test students to  attend my lesson then finally gathering feedback from the test students. 

I chose this project because I would like to go into teaching in the future beyond university. I believed that this was a good opportunity to gather teaching experience that I could use in the future. 

Through research I discovered that there were many factors that affected the classroom such as technology,  culture and  social aspects of the classroom.  The other factors involved teaching and learning styles. In total, 7 different learning styles and 5 different teaching styles were identified. By learning about these factors, I produced a lesson that would help benefit the teaching style I used and help me discover the different learning styles within my classroom.

Before the lesson, the test students were given a short quiz to answer based on the lesson content, then after the lesson I handed out the same quiz to see if their knowledge had improved. By doing this analysis I saw that I had met my aim of being able to teach networking efficiently. By recording the results from before and after I could see that there was an increase in all the scores. 



Poster board

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