Callum Cross

Degree: BSc Computing (Software Engineering)

Project title: Developing a Node.js Web Application with RESTful Based API and MongoDB

Web applications are the core of the World Wide Web – it allows users to complete both complex and simple tasks or allows people to connect from around the world. Performance of web applications is a huge factor in the modern age of web servers because the less performance a web application has the more hardware you will require to support an endless number of users.

As the internet continues to grow, being able to extract the maximum performance out of your application is crucial in creating a financially dependent business or community without having to break the bank. To find out the exact performance your servers must take a large amount of research and testing, this can be done, however this will take an extensive amount of time.

Knowing the performance differences of when to use microservices within your software infrastructure allows a qualified technician to wisely choose when you should invest in new machines to support the additional load. For this reason, it could save money and will be more efficient in the future. Microservices have been around for a long time but are mostly used by the large corporations that have millions of users connecting to their servers every single day. Microservices can be used for a wide range of reasons for example from completing a search request to dealing with customer orders and can be used globally.


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