Bryn Stubbings

Degree: BEng Motorcycle Engineering

Project title: Can KERS Make a Difference to Electric Motorcycle Racing?

Project Overview

IThis project explores kinetic energy recovery systems as a potential way to revitalise electric motorcycle racing. Research was conducted on two main forms of KERS, regenerative braking and regenerative suspension. It was found that regenerative raking was the best in terms of recovering energy. However, both systems provided other valuable characteristics including active damping and advanced rear wheel slip control.

Why did you choose this course?

I’ve always studied what I am most interested in, and motorcycle’s has been a constant love for me for my whole life.

Why did you choose to attend UWTSD?

There was limited availability for Motorcycle engineering in the UK and UWTSD was one of the few universities that provided a course built around motorcycles. I chose UWTSD’s course over other course as it provided the best content and was accredited by IMechE. .

What are your future plans?

To pursue a career as an engineer and hope the Covid-19 outbreak hasn’t damaged prospects in terms of getting a job in the near future.

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